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Marketing is marketing is marketing.... Not quite. Marketing is lying... Let me explain. "It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout". I read this line on a website theme while designing a site, and I thought to myself... how accurate is this statement? People are all about visualisation, and imagery. The first purpose of having a website, is to portray your business as a professional, established business. This is why having a Social Media Footprint is just as important, as a website. When I started designing websites way back in March 2007, I did not believe marketing would be the route I would go. To be honest, in my personal capacity, I dislke Facebook, as it has serious negative connotations, but for my professional business, there is no better platform to market your business. A good Marketing Agency can portray your business, in any way that you want your brand displayed. So it is Perception, that fuels marketing.

The Story Behind The Name
The Story Behind The Name

CooCoo was established in 2014, as a special platform to connect Event Suppliers with potential Clients. The name was branded by a Branding Guru, "Alex Greyling", who unfortunately is no longer with us, but taught me valuable information about branding, marketing, and working with business owners to get the most out of there online marketing campaigns. The CooCoo Logo and Icon, symbolizes how time is ticking, and in the event industry, everything is time based.

The Story Continues...
The Story Continues...

StormBiz was brought to life in 2007, for the sole purpose of helping small businesses getting recognised on the internet. StormBiz (Originally Storm Web Hosting) catered for all your design needs, from Logos, Websites, Pamphlets, and any form of Digital and Print design. Due to every second person on the internet claiming to be a web designer, We relooked at our strategy, and saw a gap in the market for Social Media Management and Marketing. This is when StormBiz, DigiAdsSA, and CooCoo amelgamated under one name... CooCoo PTY (LTD). Where CooCoo Directory Caters solely for Events Suppliers, DigiAdsSA caters for any business outside the Events Supplier Industry. StormBiz is the company that does all the website design and Graphic Design for these businesses.

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With the Skill set at hand, CooCoo PTY (LTD) is set to manage any campaign you may require. We provide everything that a Website Design Business can provide, We provide everything that an Online Marketing Business can provide, and we provide anything that a Graphics Design Business can provide. We can say with confidence, that your business is in very capable hands, and our level of professionalism has only been achieved, by years of experience.

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