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At CooCoo SA, our dedicated digital marketing experts work closely with SME companies using data-driven strategies to increase Brand Awareness, and Business Confidence.
Growth Marketing expertise is at the core of our success.

Ligt up your Socials


Your Experienced, Professional, Planning and Roll-Out, Social Media Management Partner!
Established 2007.

Light up your Socials

Social Media Management
For SME Businesses

We will increase your Social Media Footprint,
Create Awareness, Increase Interactions,
& Build Brand Confidence!

Light up your Socials

Fully Managed Social Media Management
With Monthly Reports & Client Access to Portal

Our portal is available to our clients to view/approve scheduled posts,
Interact with all your Social Media Accounts,
View all interactions, comments and engagements in real time.

Light up your Socials

Per Month
For Only R3450.00 (R36.70 per post)

Our Packages are tailored to give the maximum exposure for our clients,
With the minimal investment needed to create the best Brand Exposure,
and provide Engagements and Business Confidence!

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Results Matter - Increase Brand AwarenessIncrease Social Media FootprintIncrease Post EngagementIncrease Business ConfidenceShowcase Products ProfessionallyDrive Traffic to your Website

Let us help you reach your Business Goals!

You don't need to create a new position in your company for a social media manager... We can manage your company's most important Social Media Platforms, for a fraction of what it would cost you to pay for an additional salary. Our monthly packages start from R3450.00 per month, and this includes multiple Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business postings on a weekly basis.

We manage all your Social Media Accounts!

You supply us the text and images, or we create our own. We design your 8-30 social media banners to conform with your brand, and schedule all your posts for the entire month. Our Packages include all media design and content writing!
With a minimum of 7 posts per week on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business..
Check out our standard pacakges that you can buy "off the shelf" and fits most small business needs.

We handle everything, or we don't!

The level of participation from you... is up to you!
You can get access to our portal to either view all the scheduled posts, or approve all the scheduled posts. We can even give you access to edit any of our scheduled posts, for a more hands on approach.
Most of our clients have trust in our services, and as such, never even log into the portal... We also provide monthly reports of all your Social Media Accounts.

Ready to signup? Let's light up your socials...

If you are still on the fence, we invite you to browse our social media packages, and if you need more, we are happy to help. Our packages are specifically setup for small businesses who need to increase their social media footprint, while sustaining and improving their client base, however we also cater for larger businesses that need more customised advertising and exposure... So checkout our current packages, or contact us if you need something more


Have any questions for us?

You may contact us via our online booking form, and We will Call you, at a time that is convenient for you...Below are some Questions you may have, let's get them out the way...

This is a question we get asked most often! We know we can charge up to 4 times the pricing, but why should we?

When considering that the average Social Media Manager's Salary (with 4-9 years of experience) is R15 000.00 per month, up to R30 000.00 per month,  it would seem that our pricing is very low. View the salary breakdown here: Social Media Manager Salaries

This is intentional. We are aware that the gap in the market is the Small to Medium Businesses, that are not in a financial situation to employ a full-time social media manager, even though every business should have at least 1 employed.

However, we feel that any sized business should increase its Social Media Footprint, and these are the companies we help to play in the big leagues. A company has to start from somewhere, and this is why we help, we want to see companies grow.

Fact: 78% of our clients outgrow their initial package within the first 6 months.

Our packages are affordable for any business to increase their social media footprint, and still provide more than the "recommended" daily posts per platform.

Now any business can compete with larger businesses, without the need of employing a Social Media Manager, Graphics Designer, and Content Writer, as we do all of these jobs for you!

More Services - Your own business site in 60 minutes...Your own unique articles in 5 minutes...Your own Smart Bot on your Website...Video Ads, Logo Stingers, & Motion Ads...

CooCoo Smart Site
Business Site in 60 minutes

Every Business needs a website. Professional Website Design is expensive. A Professional Website can take weeks to develop. A business website needs to evolve and grow. At CooCooSA we have spent 2 years developing the CooCoo Smart Site to help Small to Medium Businesses Get a Professional website in under 60 minutes, while still keeping the initial cost low enough to be attractive for any size business. Only R1999.00, and also get 90-Days of FREE Hosting.

CooCoo Smart Blog
Articles/Blog Posts in 5 minutes

Content is King! This is still accurate in SEO, Google Rankings, and Digital Marketing.
To help Small to medium businesses grow their content, we created the CooCoo Smart Blog to create new, fresh and unique content for your CooCoo Smart Site in under 5 minutes. The CooCoo Smart Site comes with a professional Blog, and the CooCoo Smart Blog can get all your content for your Blog in just a few clicks, a perfect combination to keep users returning to your website.

CooCoo Smart Bot
Your Website Assistant...

Big Corporations have been using "Smart Bots" to help users with either support questions, lead generation, or even to hand out sales coupons to potential customers on their websites for years. With the CooCoo Smart Bot, you can now have a fun way to interact with clients, and have your own personal assistant on your website. The CooCoo Smart Bot can direct people to your contact page, or even collect their information, and email it straight to you. No Maintenance required!

Video Ads, Logo Stingers, and Motion Ads...

Video Ads and Motion Ads have been proven to increase audience interaction by up to 300% over static images, or Banner Ads. With our low prices, you can now afford a Proffesional Logo Stinger for your site, or your videos. You don't need to spend thousands of Rands to get a Video Ad. CooCoo SA has helped small to medium businesses grow on Social Media, by creating memorable Logo Stingers, Motion Ads and Video Ads, at a fraction of the normal cost.

Hear what our clients have to say...

We build partnerships, not client lists because we value transparency, encourage growth, and assist with all your digital requirements.
Here are some reviews from our clients on CooCooSA.

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