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CooCoo Smart Sites

CooCoo Smart Sites are the next evolution of Website Builders... Your business website can be set up in under 60 Minutes, and the final result is comparable to a website that has been developed by a Website Designer!

Not just a Website Builder?
Not just a Website Builder?

CooCoo Smart Sites Eliminates the Web Design Process, by providing a "Form Based" Smart System, which is quick, easy, professional and produces a website that any Website Designer would be proud of. All you need to create your website is your Business Details, Business Logo, Business Icon, 15 images for your Website, and Unlimited images for your Gallery. You also have access to 5 FREE "Smart Blog Posts" where you simply add a few keywords/phrases, an image and a sentence, and a unique blog post will be "Magically Generated" and added to your Blog.

Additional "Smart Blog Posts" can be purchased from as little as R350.00 Per "Smart Blog Post" (Normally R550.00 per post, saving you money when ordering 8 posts or more)

Components Included in the CooCoo Smart Site System

We have considered, infused, and optimised every aspect of the web design, SEO, and content management system, and then created a system that automatically adds your content to a "professionally designed website".

Once you have all your content, business details, images, logo, and icon prepared, you simply "copy and paste" your content into our online form, add your logo and images, and generate up to 5 "Smart Blog Posts" for your website. The content section of your site takes between 10 - 30 minutes to enter, adding your images, your logo and your icon takes a further 2 - 10 minutes, and finally adding your "Smart Blog Posts" takes between 4 - 20 minutes. What is revealed when you have completed these 3 steps, is a Professionally Designed Website, with all the content and images "AutoMagically" placed in the right positions.

Every CooCoo Smart Site includes the following Annual Commercially Licensed Components:

  • RS Forms Pro - R350,00
  • Easy Blog - R1 150,00
  • Ignite Gallery - R370,00
  • JCE Editor Pro - R500,00
  • Admin Tools Pro (Security Software) - R860,00
  • Akeeba Backup (Daily Backup Software) - R860,00
  • SP Page Builder - R730,00
  • SP Page Builder Templates - R870,00
  • SchuWeb Sitemap - FREE

To create your website "AutoMagically", there are a few Additional Premium Components, which are not listed above, as we keep these components as "Our Trade Secret", and they are the powerhouse behind our CooCoo Smart Site System.

Total Professional Component License fees per year: R5600.00+ (Yours included in the price below)

The CooCoo Smart Site System costs R1999 to set up the website on your domain, and we add the initial 5 pages to your website, a gallery, and a Blog, and we even get your Blog going with 5 unique posts.

For a low monthly fee of only R125.00, we manage the monthly updates for all components, including all Paid and Free Components, Including Joomla Upgrades, Including Security Software, and Uptime Monitor and Response in case your website is hacked, or your site fails. This fee also includes your Website Hosting and Email Hosting.
Gauranteed to be the lowest price for a fully designed website, components, management and hosting, anywhere on the internet!

*When purchasing your CooCoo Smart Site, you will receive all future updates to the CooCoo Smart System, as long as your management/hosting is paid up to date.

**If you add your own pages, there is no additional fee, however, if you would like us to add additional pages for you, there is a R250.00 fee per additional page, specialised pages, or gallery.

What can You accomplish?

With every CooCoo Smart Site System you can create your own business website in under 60 minutes. The initial setup includes 3 Forms:

  1. Your Business Details, Home and About Us Content, Social Media Links and Contact Details.
  2. Your Business Logo, Icon (Favicon) and 15 essential images for the Automatic Website Design Process.
  3. Your Title and 5 preferred keywords set the tone for your Unique Blog Posts.

View our tutorials below, and you can master management of your Smart Site in less than 1 1/2 hours...

This can all be added within an hour, and our Designers have even gone as far as setting up the initial site forms in 20 minutes (Video available on our blog, and our Youtube Channel). This is usually enough for any business website, however you have not yet scratched the surface of the CooCoo Smart Site System. Additionally you can also add:

  1. FAQ's Page with up to 10 Quesions and Answers.
  2. Services/Products Page with up to 10 Products/Services.
  3. Awards Page with up to 12 Awards.
  4. Testimonials Page with up to 10 Testimonials.
  5. Team Members Page with up to 9 Team Members Bios.
  6. Packages/Pricing Page with up to 9 Packages.
  7. 5 Additional Pages for creating informational pages.
  8. 5 Contact Us Pages with up to 5 Branches/Departments.
  9. Unlimited "Standard" Blog Posts - "Smart Blog Posts" can be ordered monthly/by bundle.*
  10. Unlimited Image Galleries with 5 different layout options.
  11. Website Style, Images, font styles and font size, website colours, logo and icon can easily be edited.
  12. Business Details can be added, removed or edited as needed.
  13. Social Media Links can be added, removed or edited as needed.
  14. Additional pages developed monthly by Popularity.

All this for only R1999.00

All Pages can be added/edited or removed by you, the website owner via our Smart Management System. If you still prefer we that we set up your website, you may send all content and images to us via email, and  we will add your content, we will set up the base content, add images, add your icon, add your logo, add your initial gallery and add your Smart Blog Posts for you. We can also add your "Additional" and "Special Pages" at only R250.00 Each.

*You may order additional "Smart Blog Posts" at a reduced price of R350.00 each (normally R550.00 per "Smart Blog Post") when ordering a Monthly 8-Package, or 8-Bundled Package.

CooCoo Add Ons

CooCoo Smart Site AddOns, for Small-Medium Businesses.

CooCoo Smart Blog

R550 / each
  • When you need to increase your search engine ranking, but don't have the time or money (or willingness) to employ a content writer for R750.00 - R1 750.00 per blog post. What you need is a "Smart System" that can do the Blog post for you at a fraction of the time and price. A Blog is one of the best ways to increase and maintain Website Rankings in Search Engines!
  • You can create an optimised blog post in under 3 minutes. You simply add a sentence about what you want to write about, and add up to 5 keyword phrases, and send our "CooCoo Smart Blog" out into the world to create a unique article for you... He/She (we are not allowed to say) will return within 3 minutes!
  • Take a read through your blog post, and make any edits that you need, and publish your post to the category of your choice. Rinse repeat 3 times, and you have a weekly post for the next 4 weeks... all done in under 15 minutes... When ordering 8 or more "Smart Blog Posts", pay only R350.00 per post

CooCoo Smart Bot

R450 / Monthly
  • What would you be willing to pay someone who works 24/7, can increase your sales by 300%, or provide you with leads (with either a telephone number, or email address, or both), or that can assist your clients online, reducing your support costs? The CooCoo Smart Chatbot can even be your virtual assistant, and capture bookings for you straight into your diary... the solution that you never knew you needed! You can have either 1 chatbot, or various chatbots on your website, each one doing a different task.
  • We charge a phenomenally small price to set up your Smart Bot, however, your CooCoo Smart Chatbot is fully customised to your requirements. It takes our developers roughly 2 hours to set up, and these orders are coming in hot and fast.
  • Best of all, you only get charged the monthly rate after 60 days... So we make you money before your monthly payments are due.

CooCoo Motion Ads

R200 / each
  • Need your ad to outperform your competitors? You have 2 options for this... Video Ads outperform static Ads by 300% - 400%. At CooCoo we offer 2 types of Video Ads. The "CooCoo Motion Ads" takes a static banner, and creates motion effects at creates an eye-catching video. The Alternative is a full Sales/Promotions Videos!

CooCoo Video Ads

R750 / each
  • Video Sales Ads or Promotional Ads are a great way to show your businesses professionalism, and although they do cost a bit more than our motion ads, the R.O.I. is higher. People love watching videos, and your sales videos are no exception. We can create anything from a 30-second add, up to a 30-minute tutorial... we can even edit your YouTube adverts.
Get ready to start Serious Online Promotion!

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