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CooCoo Smart Blog

The CooCoo Smart Blog can create your Blog post in under 3 minutes... No need for expensive copywriters, no need to spend hours thinking of what to write. When Combined With The CooCoo Smart Site and CooCoo Smart Bot, your website becomes an asset, that is managed in under 1 hour a month.

What can a Smart Blog do for you?

CooCoo Smart Blog is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual assistant, ready to work for you whenever you need new copy on your website. It's a powerful business tool that helps you automate tedious tasks and boost your productivity.

Reasons we created the CooCoo Smart Blog:

It is a headache to create a new blog post and it would be even more painful to pay for professional blog posts.
You don't need to write thousands of words or learn SEO, or anything like that. You just need a 1 sentence description and a few keywords.

Writing blog posts are boring, exhausting and SEO is hard work, and a business owner or website manager has no time to sit for hours thinking and writing content.
You can fire your content team today, be ranked on Google in hours instead of weeks, increase your conversion rate by 30%, and eliminate your pain.

Go ahead, try it once, love it forever. Remove yourself from the blogging battlefield with the CooCoo Smart Blog.

The CooCoo Smart Blog is only available with the CooCoo Smart Site System.
If you have a Joomla Website, and Use EasyBlog for your Blogging Component of Choice, we can add the CooCoo Smart Blog to your site. Contact Us if you are interested.

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