CooCoo Sep-Oct 2021 Promotion (Expired)

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Is your website converting?

Are clients leaving your site due to it not portraying a professional business?

Are potential clients finding your Social Media Branding Adverts?

Introducing the September "All-in-one Smart Site Launch Promotion" by CooCoo.

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September, Spring has sprung, and to give us all a nice, cozy feeling, CooCoo is celebrating Spring with a full business promotion package to the value of R21 934.00, which is suitable for any SME business!

We will add/optimize your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and manage your social media posting. We even design 4 banner ads per month, which rotate your ads, so your ads are not shown repeatedly. All ads are posted to 3 social media platforms... Normally R649.00 per month! View the Small Social Media Package here!!

If you sign up in September 2021, we are even including 4 Free CooCoo Smart Blog Posts per month to the value of R460.00 Monthly. Even if you have a great product or service, successfully marketing it online can feel like rocket science.

That's why you need the "CooCoo Smart Blog" Creator. You just enter a title and add up to 5 keywords, and your Blog Post is ready for editing and publishing within 3 minutes. This is a business owner's dream. No need for a copywriter, no need for an SEO expert, the Blog Posts will help your Site increase rankings in Search Engines. Read More (or test out our bot at the bottom right of our page)

We have added a special Bonus for our September Launch Only, you will receive 1 Specialised CooCoo Motion Ad every month as your 4th Advert, as well as a 30 second Sales or Promotion Video, every 90 days, to the value of R5400.00. Read More about Motion Ads and Video Ads Here!

And finally, the surprise you have been waiting for... The Launch of our Professional "CooCoo Smart Website Builder" with a value of R3875.00 which includes hosting and upgrades.

For the September Special, we will set up your website for you with the CooCoo Smart Site Builder! Once your site is set up, you will be able to log in and manage all the aspects of your site. Read more here..

The final bonus for 10 of our lucky clients will be a "CooCoo Smart Bot" for 6 months on your site to an additional value of R 3 150.00, at no extra cost. If you haven't heard of the "CooCoo Smart Bot" then take a look at the video on this page!

We have limited Spots available, and at this price, you can bet they are literally flying off the shelves!

This is everything in a "Nutshell":

  • Small Social Media Marketing Package:
  • Premium Profile on CooCoo or Digiads SA Directory (Value of R349.00 P.A.)
  • 3 x Static Banner Ad Designs (1 x CooCoo Motion Ad - Value of R200.00 each)
  • 1 x Promo on DigiadsSA and CooCoo's FB Page + Instagram + LinkedIn + Twitter per month
  • 3 Alternating Posts per week to your FB and Instagram
  • 5 Alternating Tweets per week to your Twitter Page
  • 1 x "Free Logo Placement" in our Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • 4 CooCoo Smart Blogs Per Month (Value of R460.00 PM)
  • 1 x 30 Second Sales/Promotion Video Every 3 Months (R750.00 Each)
  • Includes a "FREE" CooCoo Smart Site (value of R3875.00)
  • Includes Website Hosting, Component and CooCoo Smart Sites Updates, and Website Uptime Monitoring for 1 year
  • R50.00 Facebook Ad Spend P.M.

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R350.00 Setup + R449.00 Per Month - September 2021 ONLY**
or Pay for the Whole Year, and only pay for 11 months with no Setup fees (R4939.00)
Total Package Value = R21 934.00

**The setup fee or once-off payment is required to lock in this price. Social Media Marketing contracts start on the first of every month, so if you have paid your setup fee or once off-price by the 25th September 2021, we will set up your website, Add/Optimise your Social Media Account, and prepare your banner ads for your approval for 1 October 2021.
Any payments made between 25 September 2021 - 30 September 2021 will start their promotion on 15 October 2021.
The term of the contract is 12 months x R449.00 or R4939.00 per annum!

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CooCoo Smart Site, Release date 1 October 2021 (Pa...
CooCoo Smart Site, Release date 1 October 2021

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