CooCoo Sep-Oct 2021 Promotion (Expired)

September Special 2021 (Expired) Is your website converting? Are clients leaving your site due to it not portraying a professional business? Are potential clients finding your Social Media Branding Adverts? Introducing the September "All-in-one Smart Site Launch Promotion" by CooCoo. Order your package here September, Spring has sprung, and to give us all a nice, cozy feeling, CooCoo is celebrating Spring with a full business promotion package to the value of R21 934.00, which is suitable for any SME business! We will add/optimize your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and manage your social media posting. We even design 4 banner ads per month, which rotate your ads, so your ads are not shown repeatedly. All ads are posted to 3 social media platforms... Normally R649.00 per month! View the Small Social Media Package here!! If you sign up in September 2021, we are even including 4 Free CooCoo Smart Blog Posts per month to the value of R460.00 Monthly. Even if you ha...

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CooCoo Smart Site, Release date 1 October 2021

The Story of the 5-page website that became a revolution, from February - September 2021... After months of preparation and testing, and continuous updates, enhancements, and additions, we finally have an official launch date for our CooCoo Smart Site System! What started as a quest for a quick and easy way to make professional websites for clients has exploded into a true revolution and a work of art. CooCoo Smart site was started as a "Joomla Based 5+ page website in under 1-hour" project in February 2021, but when the designer, Stanley Rieck, started seeing the benefits of the site, and the potential it could become, more adventurous targets were introduced. Soon the 5-page website, which already included a Gallery and a Blog, was increased to a 10+ page website, with 5 additional "Generalized Pages" added to provide any additional pages a client might need. This was an easy addition to the CooCoo Smart Site, and Stanley Rieck was not overly enthralled with this, even though it...

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Website Design Elements To Consider When Developing Your Brand Identity

Website design covers a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and development of sites. The different fields of website design cover web graphic design; web user interface design; content authoring, such as standardised web content and proprietary software; search engine optimisation; and user experience design. It also covers computer-aided design (CAD) and software-assisted design (SAD). Web designers use various techniques to create a site and increase the efficiency of its use and maintainability. One of the main benefits of having a website designed is to create an accessible website for a large number of people. Most audience members have unlimited mobility and screen-readers are not always efficient enough to understand a website's nuances. In addition, most people rely on search engines, so having a design that is search-friendly is essential. Some designers work on only one specific audience, whilst others may cater to all ages and genders. A highly accessible webs...

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