CooCoo Smart Site, Release date 1 October 2021 (Part 2)

The Launch Date was not Confirmed! The "CooCoo Smart Site" was just not "Smart Enough" for Stanley Rieck! After forwarding the site and concept to a few of his peers, Stanley Rieck got valuable feedback. The Idea was great, the result was beyond expectations, and a "Truly Professional Site", Optimised for Search Engines, and still easily manageable by any person, which was a true revolution! But the concept of the "A.I." and "Smart Site" was just not enough. Sure, there was no design necessary. The site knew where to put all the important "bits of information" that was fed into the form. It even knew where to put the "keywords, for search engines". But it was just not enough for Stanley Rieck (at this point you may be wondering if it will ever be?) Stanley Rieck is a bit of a perfectionist, and will not put his name on anything if it is not up to his high level of standards. So he wanted the "CooCoo Smart Site" to be "Smarter". In July 2021, he started looking at ways of making the sit...

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CooCoo Smart Site, Release date 1 October 2021

The Story of the 5-page website that became a revolution, from February - September 2021... After months of preparation and testing, and continuous updates, enhancements, and additions, we finally have an official launch date for our CooCoo Smart Site System! What started as a quest for a quick and easy way to make professional websites for clients has exploded into a true revolution and a work of art. CooCoo Smart site was started as a "Joomla Based 5+ page website in under 1-hour" project in February 2021, but when the designer, Stanley Rieck, started seeing the benefits of the site, and the potential it could become, more adventurous targets were introduced. Soon the 5-page website, which already included a Gallery and a Blog, was increased to a 10+ page website, with 5 additional "Generalized Pages" added to provide any additional pages a client might need. This was an easy addition to the CooCoo Smart Site, and Stanley Rieck was not overly enthralled with this, even though it...

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